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Driving innovation further since 1972

Fabricantes Feligneo, S. A. de C.V is an industrial Company built in 1972, dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for laboratories and industries, its principal products are: vacuum pumps in different capacities, distillers, ovens, cultivation stoves, water heaters, agitators and various other products of the same line for laboratory. FELISA counts with a national and international distribution network.


A Mexican Company dedicated to the fabrication of lab and industry equipment, always improving to satisfy the needs of the global market, producing good and services with high end tech while respecting the environment and thus generating the welfare of shareholders, employees, communities and the country.


Maintain leadership in the national market through the use and innovation of technology. Position ourselves for the upcoming 2025 in the international ambit with the 20% of our total sales.



Quality policy

Design, manufacture and market equipment thought for lab and industry usage that exceeds expectations of our clients, continuously improving the management of our quality system.