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Colony counter FE-500
Colony counter FE-500

Complete colony counter with integrated digital counter, pen type counter and manual counter. Dark background for easy visualization of your samples and includes a light background for dyeing samples. Indirect ilumination source with fluorescent lamp to avoid heating at your samples. With all this accesories, de FE-500 is the best choice in market. The counter automatically shows the amount in a 4 digits displays, that can be reset in a easy way with a protection again accidental resets. The counter has a configurable audio alarm for alert the user that a sample has been capture and 3X magnifier with a flexible arm that let you set the magnifier at your choice.


  • Count capability until 9,999 using the keypad or pen.
  • 3X and 4” magnifier with flexible arm.
  • Centering adjust for different dishes diameter.
  • Fluorescent lamp light to avoid heating your samples.
  • Auditive alarm.
  • Reset button with security.
  • Dark or clear background for easy samples visualization
MODEL  FE-500 
POWER                       W  26.5 
VOLTAGE                    V  120 
CURRENT                 mA  200 
DIMENSIONS*          Cm  27 x 37 x 30 
PLATE                       Cm  5 A 12 
WEIGTH                     Kg