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Oven AR-290A
Oven AR-290A

Ovens are ideal several drying applications or general laboratory use. Four models to choose: mechanical or gravity convection. Analogic control with or without temperature indicator that reach maximum temperature 220 °C. Aluminium interior cabinet, steel corrosion resistant enameled exterior cabinet. Heating element designed for optimal uniformity.


  • Ambient temperature +5°C to 220 °C.
  • Steel cabinet enameled.
  • Analogic temperature control.
  • With or without temperature indicator.
  • Type “K” thermocouple sensor.
  • Model AR-290: convection by gravity.
  • Model AR-290A: mechanical convection.
  • Model AR-290D: with temperature indicator.
  • Model AR-290AD: mechanical convection and temperature indicator.
MODELO          AR-290A   
ESTABILIDAD                         °C  ± 2
PESO NETO                                      Kg          23.2                 
TEMPERATURA                      °C   Ambient temperature + 5 a 220
MEDIDAS INTERNAS              Cm  40 x 38 x 40 
MEDIDAS EXTERNAS            Cm  50 x 48 x 64 
CAPACIDAD                            Lts 64
VOLTAJE                                 V 120 
POTENCIA                              W 1000
* (Ancho x Profundo x Alto) (W x D x H)
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