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High Vacumm pumps FE-1400 25 l/min
High Vacumm pumps FE-1400 25 l/min

All Felisa pumps conform to strict performance criteria in order to maintain high quality standards. All parts are very carefully manufactured and assembled. Assembled pumps are thoroughly tested during a long period to evaluate such features as ultimate pressure, shaft, etc. assuring a reliable product. Felisa pumps generally require only nominal care for reliable and lasting performance.


  • Felisa FE-1407 oil is specially produced for use in Felisa vacuum pumps with rigid Standard for physical and chemical stability. Our vacuum guarantee applies only when Felisa oil is used. Use of other oil in Felisa vacuum performance both in pumping speed and ultimate vacuum rate attained.
  • Most oils contain additives which: have high vapor pressures, may cause foaming, may break down chemically, or may combine with vapors passing through the pumps to form a varnish or sludge, causing the vanes to stick or otherwise impair operation.
  • Accesories are an important part of every pumping system. An inlet filter protects your pump against dust and contamination. When using an oil lubricate pump, an exhaust filter keeps your work area free of oil mist.

0.0001 mm Hg (1x10-4TORR)

25 l/min
0.9 cfm
STAGES 2 PUMP WEIGTH                                       Kg 15
MOTOR                               hp 1/3 MOUNTED PUMP                                   Kg   26
PUMP                              r.p.m 580 SHIPPING WEIGHT                                Kg 30
MOTOR                           r.p.m 1725   DIMENSIONS                                         Cm 43x23x33  
MOTOR                           Volts   120 MUFFLER FILTER estandar
DRIVE                           BV/VB 1 VENTED VALVE estandar
OIL                                     Lts. 0.59 BELT GUARD estandar